Plenary Sessions

DAY 1: Wednesday, 16 October

Symposia Theatre

09h15-9h55: Cybersecurity Roadmap at ENEL

Yuri Rassega

Chief Information Security Officer, ENEL

Biography: Yuri Rassega was appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Enel, multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators (works in 30 countries across 5 continents), in June 2016.  He is in charge of leading all processes of IT&OT&IoT Cyber Security risk management, governance, engineering and operation. Prior to that, between 2014 and 2016, he was Enel’s Head of the ICT Global Solution Centre AFC, HR and Procurement, and between 2004 and 2014 he headed the Group’s Global ICT Audit Function. He joined Enel in 2001 as the Head of ICT Function in Enel Hydro SpA. Before joining Enel, Yuri Rassega served in several responsibilities in the ICT industry and his experience has been developed through a wide range of roles from coding and digital electronic engineering, to consulting, to entrepreneurial and C-level positions. He began his professional career, very young, in late ‘80s, working on the implementation of many IT solutions in banking sector (for 12 years), including the very early digital financial services. In early ‘90s he was co-founder of a start-up company providing enhanced ERP solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises market and developing an original full functional remote manageable SCADA / ACS / ICS solution applied to wastewater automated treatment plants, drinking water distribution networks and, afterwards, extended to HVAC plants. From 1999 to 2001, Yuri Rassega served as the CIO of a private Telco Company (landline phone service and ISP) leading the startup journey from the ‘green-field’ to the scale-up phase. He takes part as speaker, and/or as panel chairman, and/or as Advisory Board Member in many international conferences on cyber security and wireless communications topics. He is member of some international institution’s expert working groups. He is also an inventor, he thought up some digital fraud-detection tools and methods patented in Europe, the USA, and some Latin American countries.               


9h55-10h30: The threat we may not know – Critical infrastructure OT security

Ronald Keen

Department of Homeland Security, US

Biography: Currently the Senior Advisor for Energy issues to the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Ronald Keen is a distinguished and decorated retired Air Force officer with an extensive background in intelligence, as well as ballistic missile and space systems operations. After retiring from the Air Force, Ron briefly worked developing and testing next generation satellite command and control systems before taking a position as a Division Director with the Indiana State government where he directed a staff of economists, accountants, engineers, analysts and lawyers researching issues within the utility regulatory environment. Retiring after an illustrious career and having personally provided over 150 instances of expert written and oral testimony before local, state and Federal regulatory bodies on energy and telecommunication issues, Ron accepted the opportunities and challenges of his current position. A published author of science fiction novels, Ron is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Masters in Aeronautical Science and earned his Bachelors at the University of Texas Southwest.


11h00-11h45: Impact économique de la transformation du secteur énergétique et les ajustements du cadre réglementaire/Economic Impact of the transformation of the Energy Sector and of corresponding regulatory framework

Prof. Pierre-Olivier Pineau

HEC, Montréal

Biography: Pierre-Olivier Pineau est professeur agrégé à HEC Montréal (M.A. Philosophie, Université de Montréal, 1994; PhD Administration, HEC Montréal, 2000). Ses principaux intérêts de recherche portent sur les politiques publiques dans le secteur de l’électricité et de l’énergie. Il est particulièrement intéressé par les modèles d’investissement, les réformes institutionnelles et l’intégration des marchés. Il est convaincu que de bonnes politiques publiques peuvent mener à des marchés efficients, à une équité sociale et à un environnement durable, mais aussi qu’il reste d’énormes progrès à faire. La question de la pauvreté et de ses liens avec la productivité, le libre échange et le commerce équitable l’intéresse aussi.


11h45-12h30 : Micro-réseau Lac-Megantic; Contrôle efficace du bâtiment par la gestion innovante de l’énergie / Lac-Megantic microgrid and efficient building command for innovative energy management

Patrick Martineau / Daniel Couture / Alain Sayegh




DAY 2: Thursday, 17 October

Symposia Theatre

9h00-9h45 : La donnée au coeur de l’intelligence d’affaires / Data at the heart of business intelligence

Nicolas Di Gaetano



9h45-10h30 : Building safe artificial intelligence

David Krueger


Biography: David Krueger is a PhD student at MILA in Montreal. He aims to understand the most general principles of intelligence and life in terms of knowledge, learning, and survival.  Recently, he invented a novel regularization technique for RNNs and applied it to text and speech data, achieving state of the art results. His past work involved unsupervised learning, generative modelling, and attention applied to image data. He has a strong interest in the societal impacts of AI and ML technology, especially existential risk. He founded and run the Montreal AI Ethics Group to discuss these issues with MILA and RLLAB. He was an intern at the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford during the summer of 2016.


11h00-11h45: Vision technologique de l’aménagement hydroélectrique de l’avenir/ Technological vision of the hydroelectric development of the future

Jean-François Rochefort



11h45-12h30 : Blockchain dans le secteur de l’énergie/Blockchain in the energy sector

Tom Marynowski